Abnormal Leaning / Aging Out

Is your tree leaning? It is possible it is aging out. Trees do have a lifespan. We provide fast and efficient emergency tree service. We have the equipment required if the tree is too hazardous to climb. With our decades of experience we make sure to handle every unique situation to the highest level of safety available.

far away view of farm with tree hanging low

Decaying / Fungus Roots

Due to the drought and environmental changes, we are seeing a lot of trees completely fall over from their root structure. Most tree roots go into the ground and bury themselves deep in search of water. If you see your root system coming to the surface, the tree is looking for a water source and this can weaken the root system. If you see this, water the tree for 10 minutes. Have a local tree company or arborist check the soil around the root system for loose soil. (Please note, not all tree root systems are buried. Please look up your type of tree for further information.)

two men measuring with tools

Too Close To Power Lines

Power lines and trees don't mix. When they meet, you need to know who to call for help. We remove fallen trees and branches affecting your power lines quickly and safely. Our experienced tree climbers are here for all your tree care needs.

man high up trimming trees around a power line

Dead Branches

Fallen and dead branches can be a safety hazard to property and can cause significant damage to buildings, vehicles and pedestrians. Am/Pm Tree Service can properly deadwood your trees to provide maximum airflow and overall tree health. Let’s evaluate your trees for safety.

Trunk Damage

Checking the structural integrity of your tree’s trunks on a regular basis is important to maintain proper tree health. It also allows you to be on top of any potential hazardous situations that can occur. Make note of any changes to the condition of the bark on the tree trunk. If you see any gashes in the tree trunk, have a tree service company look at it immediately, especially if you desire to save the tree.

man hanging on the side of a tree ready to trim

Trees Fallen On Property

Storm damage can be devastating. If a tree has fallen on your house, vehicle, or other property we jump into action quickly and efficiently. We will assess the situation and if your project requires specific equipment such as cranes, lifts, or other large machinery, we can handle it all, big or small. We are available 24 hours a day for all your tree service needs.


Did you hear a BOOM? Am/Pm Tree Service goes out on a limb for you day and night, we offer 24-hour emergency service to all of our customers!